Tomoko ARASE

It was September 27th in 2008 at 7pm that I drank at local pub with my friends
Tomoko “Sorry, I have to go back home now.”
Friend “Why!? Today is Friday!”
I went back right away.
What did I do?
Yes, I listened to the radio.
After the show, I called to Radio Adelaide without hesitation.
“Please let me help J-Talk.”

Thus my time at J-Talk started.
February 10 1988
I was born with 55cm in high and 4.136 kg weight. So I was tall from the moment I was born.
I grew up in Izumo in Shimane -the countryside is green and life is quiet- for 18 years. Then I moved to Tokyo when I entered University. Tokyo… It was my dream to live there.
People often say, “We can’t expect what you will do.” In good words, I’m positive and curious, but I have to think more beforehand.
(Left) Skydiving, I didn’t tell anyone before I did it.

When I was in elementary school, I went to abacus school twice a week for 7 years and I got a reward for perfect attendance.
I don’t mean to brag, but I belonged to a table tennis club and was the captain. When I grab a racket, I become a different person.
In August 2008 I took a one year break from University in Tokyo and came to Adelaide. Now I’m studying Photography and business at UniSA.
(Right) My friend drew me and she said my image is busy.